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Connect with your mobile customer using these 3 tips

Connecting with your mobile customer is essential in 2016. Why? Well, with 43.3% of the total smartphone audience using their phone in a retail store, if you don’t try and connect with the mobile user, you’ll simply be cutting out a large chunk of your audience! So here’s our 3 tips to help you connect with your mobile customer!

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Connect with your mobile customer using these 3 tips

Stay on top of mobile ecommerce trends

If a new payment method comes out and you think it will improve your customer experience, you should look to implement it. Being able to adopt a proactive and a reactive response to up and coming mcommerce trends, is a must for any brand. Innovation or even just simply keeping up with innovation, will help your brand capture the eye of your mobile customer. So think about researching around the following trends to keep your fashion brand in the know:

  • Marketing automation
  • Diverse mobile payments
  • Quicker delivery

Make sure your strategy is mobile-first

We don’t just simply mean amend your current digital marketing strategy when we say mobile-first. Each channel will have to be re-evaluated, for example, have you thought about your local search mobile strategy? All channels will still need to seamlessly integrate. If you put an item in your basket on mobile, is it still there on desktop view? Or perhaps you’re going to integrate an ‘email basket home’ site feature. Just because your mobile customers will predominantly use a mobile device, that doesn’t mean they’ll never research your products on desktop and then buy in-store. You have to cover all angles.

Monetise your social media channels

Image-led platforms are perfect for your fashion brand, which we’re sure you already know! However, the ability to monetise channels including Pinterest and Instagram can significantly boost your mobile conversion rate. The ‘Buy it’ button on Pinterest and the ‘Like2Buy’ link on Instagram, have created an easier buying process for the mobile customer. For example, when an outfit image within a social post was shared, it used to be difficult to find each item on the brand’s ecommerce store, but now, the evolution of social platforms has made purchasing these items a much easier and much more pleasant experience for the user.

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