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Helen Jackson

Content marketing mistakes to avoid in the legal sector

Foreseeing mistakes is a skill every marketer would love. But sometimes, we slip up! So we thought we’d help you out a little with some common content marketing mistakes to avoid!

Good luck!

content marketing mistakes to avoid

Don’t over-promote your firm

You’re trying to tempt your audience to your website, with highly-relevant, high-quality and interesting content. You won’t tempt them with your sale-focused attitude. You first need to help your audience establish that they have a need for your services, you can do this by sticking to purely informative, unbiased content. Don’t even mention your firm’s name throughout the piece. Instead, insert other relevant internal links within the piece, this will help guide your users around your website, encouraging them to explore, hopefully increasing time on site.

Not including calls-to-action

Calls-to-action can help prompt your users into clicking on a particular button, downloading one of your resources, filling out your contact form; basically, performing any kind of action on your law firm’s website. A call-to-action (CTA), can help you promote your newest content on your homepage. Including a variety of CTAs around your website can help improve the navigation and overall user experience of your firm’s website. Your CTA doesn’t have to be an image, so try and include text-based CTAs within the posts you outreach to third party websites, remember, you’re trying to catch the attention of your audience, so give it a go!

Sticking to a basic blog post

You might think we’re harping on about this, but if you trial all kinds of content formats, you’re onto a winner! Why not try a light-hearted video, an eye-catching infographic (they work – check this one out), or why not try a quiz? Getting your firm noticed in the saturated legal market is what it’s all about and we had some great success with our legal clients, so we think you should try them out for yourselves.

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