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CRO Checklist | Conversion Rate Optimisation Audit Checklist

CRO Checklist | Conversion Rate Optimisation Audit Checklist

As a marketer, you’ve got so many other aspects of digital marketing to implement for your fashion brand. So, we thought we’d put together a short conversion rate optimisation checklist, to help make CRO that little bit more simplistic!


□  Are you using personas?

□  Do you know your customer journey?

□  Is your content tone of voice geared towards your target audience?

□  Have you ever asked for user feedback?

□  Have you ever done any CRO testing on your website?

□  Have you ever used a heat mapping tool?

□  Is Google Analytics set up on your website?

□  Is Google Demographics set up on your website?

□  Are you tracking goals or conversion in Google Analytics?

□  If so, are you making use of conversion funnels to identify possible weaknesses?

□  Are you utilising site search?

□  Is site search being tracked in Google Analytics?

□  Is your website fully functional across all browsers?

□  Is your website mobile and tablet friendly?

□  Do you know what channel source converts the best?

□  Do you know the times/days which represent your traffic and conversion hot spots?

□  Do you know geographically where the majority of your visitors are coming from?

□  Do you know which landing pages have a high bounce rate?

□  Do you know your website exit points?

□  Are you tracking calls from your website via Telephone Tracking?

□  Is your website content making use of social share icons?

□  Is your website linking to your social channels?

If you’d like help implementing any of the above, we’d love to hear from you. Please click here or Call us on 0800 011 9226.

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