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Laura Nicholson

Creating and marketing a successful brand in the retail industry I Hitsearch


Retail brand marketing is a fantastic way to give your brand that all important, relatable persona that can encourage customers to invest their time into your products and services as well as make a purchase from brand that they trust. Once you have a business idea in place and have decided on the logistics of running it, it’s important that you develop a brand that is going to enhance customer experience. Simply put, for ultimate success in the retail industry, your brand needs an identity. With that being said, developing a solid and trustworthy brand that consumers will want to buy into is easier said than done. But hopefully this blog can help a little.

Decide exactly who you are


In your retail brand marketing strategy, this comes first before anything. A lot of companies make the mistake of establishing who and what their brand is after they’ve launched, which then makes it difficult to market your business properly. If you want to generate awareness and receive interest from your target market from the get-go, then you need to have your brand’s identity established.

Give a human element to your brand

Picture3-2Photo credit: @nike – Nike gives their brand a human element by following the inspirational sporting stories of real people through their social media channels.

Remember that in front of a desktop or mobile, viewing your ecommerce site, there’s a real-life human person considering making a purchase. In a world of KPIs, metrics and goals, we can often lose site of the actual person that sits behind the ‘add to cart’ button. According to Shopify, more than half of shoppers will invest in a brand because of shared values and will even sometimes consider this value more than the actual prices of your products. In short, it gives you a fantastic competitive advantage if your audience actually connects with you as a brand. 

Retail businesses can’t forget that your brand is the opportunity to tell the story behind your business, with the hope that it will resonate with your customers and become a conversion tool. If you don’t consider retail brand marketing, then you risk losing out to other businesses that are succeeding in building strong relationships with their target market. In order to do this for your own business, it’s paramount that you treat your shoppers as real people. By doing this, you can then endeavour to create a truly helpful user experience based on the actual thoughts and feelings of your shoppers. Whilst a technical UX review is important (a slow website ain’t gonna impress nobody), it’s that action of understanding your audience’s emotions that will contribute significantly towards that conversion, so don’t put all of your budget into technical optimisations and leave nothing for a retail brand marketing strategy that can truly set you apart from your competitors.

working with bloggers & influencers

Create your brand’s voice and guidelines

Once your brand has been established, it’s important that part of your retail brand marketing strategy establishes the brand’s voice and tone. Avoid entering into such a competitive market without having a strong idea about how you want to interact with the world. For a brand, consistency is key, so you want every single piece of content marketing to have the same brand voice, which will be difficult if you’re not sure yourself of what this is. Documenting your brand identity, with something like  brand deck, is a fantastic way of circulating your brand’s mission and voice guidelines quickly to employees so everyone is on the same page when it comes to marketing your brand. There are three things that you need to establish when it comes to refining your brand’s voice and these are:

  • Your purpose – Why do you exist?
  • Your vision – What kind of future do you want to create for your brand?
  • Mission – How do you create that? (A strong mission statement is always good to help establish this one)
  • Your brand’s values – Who are you? How do you work?

Produce a compelling brand message

So, you know your brand is good, but what about the rest of the world? How are you going to encourage your target market to become as drawn in by your brand as you are? This is where brand messaging becomes a key part of your retail brand marketing strategy. Brand messaging isn’t just a one-off tagline – any content you ever show to your audience is an opportunity to encourage people to trust and believe in your brand, be that a quick social media update or informative homepage copy. Inconsistent and generic brand messaging is a simply a lost opportunity to sell yourself to a targeted demographic so it’s important to think about creating brand messaging that is compelling and conveys who you are – no matter the occasion.

First things first, you should always have who you’re talking to at the forefront of your messaging. Who is it you’re addressing? What exactly do they want to hear? How will your brand brighten up their day, enhance their lives, solve their problems? To get this spot on, refer back to your brand personas, which will contain heaps of information about your target audience and ultimately remind you exactly who you’re talking to.

Secondly, going back to what was said earlier about giving your brand a human element, ensure that your brand messaging speaks to people, not at them. Addressing your target audience in the second person gives that all-important hint of personalisation that consumers want to see from brands.

Lastly, tell your brand story. Brands aren’t set up automatically by robots – every brand has a story and consumers want to hear it; it shows that you are real. Applying the semantics of your brand’s story to your brand’s messaging is a fantastic way to elevate your retail brand marketing strategy. You’ve managed to build a business and create a brand – people love to know how and why!

Picture4-2Mouthfoods succeed in educating their readers about the inspiration behind their brand, in a simple social post.

In an industry that is so saturated with competitors, it’s important that you establish who your brand is. A fantastic retail brand marketing strategy gives you the opportunity to set yourselves apart from your competitors and create a trustworthy, humanised platform that will resonate with your target market. Of course, the stats and technicalities are important, but who your brand is should be at the core of everything your retail business does, so don’t neglect it.

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