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Helen Jackson

CRO: How to Drive Revenue Through a Fashion Website

Driving revenue is at the top of the priority list for the majority (if not all) fashion brands. It’s all well and good throwing money into various types of digital marketing channels but, if you’re site isn’t delivering exceptional user experience, it could all be wasted money!

In this blog post we explore the ways you can drive revenue through conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

Add a stock level counter

Creating a sense of urgency among your visitors isn’t a bad thing and you can do this subtly with a stock level counter. Placing the stock level counter on each of your product items can help give your visitor a gentle nudge and say ‘if you come back later, this product could be gone!’ This is a proven conversion rate booster, just take a look at the Amazon example below. Straight away you can see there are only 6 available. Argh, quick, where’s my credit card??

Drive revenue by adding a stock level counter to your fashion website

Auto-complete on-site search

Auto-complete is a great feature to implement into your fashion site search bar. If a customer is searching for a particular product, then great they can probably find it with ease through your menu pathway. If, however, the customer is just wanting to view all your products that have the word knitted in, for example, offering a list of suggested items would come in very handy for the customer indeed. Making their experience a much more simplistic one. Missguided have a very comprehensive auto-complete on-site search feature, as you can see from below. They have A LOT of knitted items.

Use auto complete site search to drive revenue to your fashion website


Social share buttons

The more chances you give your customers to share your products, the more chances the customer’s friends will convert also! That’s why adding your social share buttons to your website, where necessary, can greatly improve your chances of increasing revenue. You’re best testing where to place the social share buttons, they might work better on each product page, or perhaps after the customer has purchased, so as not to distract them from the purchase itself. Brands including Whistles include their ‘share this product’ feature below the fold of the page in the bottom right-hand corner so their customers aren’t distracted, see example below.

Add social share buttons to drive revenue to your fashion website

How many people recently viewed the item

This feature helps the customer immediately understand exactly how popular the product is with other customers. Very.co.uk have implemented this feature so it just pops up when the customer first views the item. It disappears after a few seconds so you can continue browsing in peace, perfect. Very also let their visitors know exactly how many of these products have been sold over the last 48 hour window, see the example below. Again, another great, subtle way to nudge your customers further toward converting.

Add how many people recently viewed the item to drive revenue to your fashion website



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