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Mobile Marketing Trends | Recent Mobile Marketing Trends

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We’re all into the swing of 2016 and whether you vowed to try some new digital marketing tactics or not, it’s important to stay on top of the trends shaping your industry. Many different trends were predicted for ecommerce at the tail-end of 2015, but which trends do we feel are worthy of your investment, or at least, a little further exploration on your part?

So here are our top 3 ecommerce mobile marketing trends to look out for and look into!

Top 3 ecommerce mobile marketing trends

Marketing Automation

Firstly, what is it? In short it’s marketing communication actions that are automated. The most widely used technique is through email marketing. Pushing out emails as part of a structured and automated nurturing process, your fashion brand can personalise communication and most importantly, can keep the lines of communication constantly open between you and the customer. This way your brand can stay at the forefront of the customer’s mind through carefully created trigger emails.  

Did you know, according to Litmus a massive 53% of emails are now opened on a mobile device? So, bear that in mind when it comes to writing your marketing automation emails. The clearer and aesthetically pleasing to the mobile user, the higher chance your email will be opened!

On-site personalisation

On-site personalisation has been a growing trend in the ecommerce space over the last few years. With retailing giants like Amazon paving the way for others, it’s a trend you can’t afford to skip as the customer expectation continues to rise. With Shopify stating that mobile now accounts for more than 50% of all ecommerce traffic, on-site personalisation and generally making your website as mobile-facing as possible, should be a priority for your fashion brand.

The real question is, why should you bother investing in mobile on-site personalisation? Surely just desktop personalisation will do? In Ofcom’s 2015 Communications Market Report, it turns out we’re all spending two hours online on our smartphones every day, which is twice as long as we spend on laptops and PCs. So with all these people spending all this time surfing the internet, how can you make sure your fashion brand is remembered? On-site personalisation really is the key!

Quicker and more flexible delivery

This can’t be a surprise to anyone reading this post, can it? Next, Amazon and Argos have all experimented and changed for the better their delivery options. Next Stores have a selection of six delivery options to choose from, including a very handy ‘same day to home’, when products are ordered before midday. Argos launched their order online, collect in-store in 60 seconds back in 2013 and Amazon launched Amazon Prime Now (delivery within an hour of ordering) in the UK which has spread to locations outside of London from 2016.

With these quicker and more flexible delivery options, the demand and expectation of customers only continues to rise in the retail environment and with all above mentions of delivery available at the touch of a smartphone button, to remain competitive in the fashion industry, your brand should probably assume this trend is here to stay!

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