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Do you know how to target your firm's audience through SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation, more commonly referred to as SEO, can have a huge impact on your firm’s visibility in search engines such as Google. If your site isn’t optimised for industry keywords, you may as well just give up on finding new customers. Aside from the fact that your firm won’t receive as much relevant organic traffic if you don’t optimise for search engines, but, all your competitors are actively engaging in search engine optimisation tactics to constantly better their visibility.

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So, do you know how to truly target your firm’s audience through SEO? We give you three basic first steps to targeting your audience through SEO.

Here's how to target your audience through SEO

Firstly, you need to carry out some keyword research

Keyword research is a basic essential before you even begin creating an SEO strategy. But how do you go about doing this? Start off with a brainstorm in your marketing team, this will help you build a broad idea of what users are searching for within your particular legal niche. In the brainstorm phase, you’ll need to take into account every page of your website. What would users search for to get to these pages? You can use Google’s Keyword Tool to help you generate further keyword search terms. It’s also a good idea at this stage to ask your current customers what they searched for to find you.

Then, gather important data to help refine your chosen keywords

Using the Google Keyword Tool we’ve mentioned in the previous paragraph, find out search volumes and overall competitiveness for each of your keywords or keyword phrases. After you’ve collected all this data, start creating a spreadsheet with all the keyword data you’ve sourced. You’ll need to then go through and remove any keywords that are too low in search volumes, perhaps a little bit too competitive, or perhaps some of the keywords generated by the tool are completely irrelevant, for example, ‘legal services Florida’.

Now you’ll want to implement your chosen keywords

You’ll need to begin writing your chosen keywords or keyword phrases into the relevant pages of your site. This not only applies to the front end of your website – the actually page content, but also applies to the back end of your website, this includes elements such as page titles, headings and meta descriptions. Find out how else your firm can ensure it ranks by downloading our guide here.

Download our legal definitive guide to targeting your audience

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