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Social Influencer Marketing | Social Media Influencers & Marketing

Social media marketing and working with influencers have long been seen primarily as brand awareness and engagement tools rather than sales-drivers. However, there are ways to leverage these elements within a campaign to align with your other marketing activity (and thus your objectives) and make a tangible difference to your bottom line.

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TOP TIP: Find influencers that love your brand

There is a world of difference between an influencer that posts about you once on social media (and never again) to fulfil their obligation and an influencer that is personally invested in your brand and in helping you to succeed because your values are similar.

It doesn't matter what kind of brand you are, there will be influencers that really 'get you' and will be happy to go above and beyond to share you with their followers and help to drive sales.

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Forming an affiliate partnership with influencers means that they can be rewarded when you make sales through them too.

By involving influencers at an early stage of campaign planning, you can create a strategy together that works well for all, optimising your efforts to maximise sales from this channel.

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Make every social media post meaningful

Social media is a fantastic way for brands to communicate with those who are, or may become, customers. It's a two-way street, also providing a touchpoint for the audience and a way for them to contact, and relate to (or not) the brand. With a defined strategy in place, which complements and amplifies the other marketing activity, social media can drive significant sales, if implemented in the right way. Ensuring that all broadcast posts have a purpose and a desired outcome and leaving space for non-broadcast engagement activity, gives brands the best of both worlds. Using tracked links and leveraging partnerships with influencers, social media can be a direct sales channel as well as a contributor to transactions further down the line.

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