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Earning links & referral traffic with content & outreach/online PR

Links from relevant and influential sources to a brand website are an important component of any SEO campaign, as these links act as a trust signal for search engines.

working with bloggers & influencers

In addition to that benefit, if someone browsing the other site clicks on the link and goes to your site, it's counted as referral traffic. Using trackable links, this referral traffic can be closely monitored, so you'll know if it results in goal completions or sales.

Earning links isn't always straightforward. The adage of 'build it and they will come' doesn't really fly in a content-saturated online world. You therefore need a strategy in place to ensure the right people see your content, and so that other websites, influencers and press, think it's worth mentioning and linking to.


Earning links

If your content is unique, looks great and is truly useful to a large number of people, that's only half the job done. You need to ensure that people know about it, which takes promotion. There are lots of ways to do this, including social media marketing and paid promotion. However, if you want the people, websites or news sources that influence your audience to find out about and link to your content, you'll need to contact them directly.

Outreach & Digital PR

You can use a combination of press and media communications, blogger outreach and social media outreach to get the word out about your awesome content.

TOP TIP: A press release, e-shot, cleverly crafted email or tweet directly to a journalist or influencer can make all the difference.

Referral traffic from these sources can be highly profitable too, as they are already qualified users with an interest in your brand, and often convert into customers at a good rate.

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