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Helen Jackson

Fashion brand essentials: Selecting new digital channels

Building an omni-channel strategy for your fashion brand can be really tough. So it’s important to make sure your internal teams are equipped with the knowledge of current channel performance, before diving into the process of selecting new digital marketing channels.

Here, we’re helping you out with some starter tips and tricks, so you can ensure your fashion brand is on the right path when selecting new digital marketing channels!

Selecting new digital channels: YouTube

Don’t spread your resources too thinly

This is a classic mistake when trying to keep on top of the industry competition. It can be so easy to start setting up a new social channel here or a new SEO channel there. Just because your biggest competitor has adapted their social marketing strategy to include Snapchat, doesn’t mean you should. After some research around the channel and you feel it is the right path to take, you can take all necessary steps, carefully, into the channel. As soon as you create Snapchat, for example, your users will expect the same high-quality content delivery they’ve had throughout your other channels. Rushing will reflect badly on your brand, so slow down.

What are the competition doing?

I know we’ve just eluded to the competition in the previous paragraph, but it is still important to check out what the competition are doing in terms of marketing tactics. You don’t have to necessarily copy them, but adapting their technique or idea to suit your brand, could be a great way to innovative your fashion brand. You shouldn’t just look at your direct competitors for inspiration either. Look at the massive fashion retailers, what are they doing? Can you adapt their creative ideas for your smaller brand? Just because they’re a retailer, doesn’t mean you can’t downsize their ideas for your business!

You MUST listen to your customers

As you’ve already analysed your current digital marketing channels at this point in your omni-channel strategy development, you’ll have an idea of what your customers like currently about your digital channels. If they’ve shown a particular interest in your fashion show videos, maybe you could think about expanding this as a channel? Possibly looking to adopt a YouTube channel, Vine account or Vimeo. Being guided by your target market, whether they’re current customers or not, should play a big part in the overall development of your ongoing strategic plans.

Whether you want to understand the new channel selection process, or perhaps you need more information about analysing your current channels? Download our omni-channel eBook below.

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