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Helen Jackson

Fashion brands: Connect with your mobile audience using these 3 tips

Research conducted by Centre for Retail Research (CRR), found that almost half of consumers (40%) felt the mobile retail experience could be improved. That means there’s more than a little bit of room for improvement in the retail space. So, how can your fashion brand ensure it’s delivering the best possible experience for the ever-growing mobile audience out there? Here’s our 3 tips to help you connect with your mobile audience.

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Connect with your mobile audience using these 3 tips

Tip #1 – Segment your mobile audience

To understand and therefore connect with your audience, you’ll need to segment them first into buyer personas. The process of creating your buyer personas will help you create a clear picture of exactly who makes up your mobile audience, what they like and perhaps more importantly, what they don’t like. After you’ve equipped yourself with this knowledge, you’re ready to start your highly relevant and specifically targeted marketing tactics.

Tip #2 – Make sure your website is appealing to your mobile users

You might think your mobile website has never looked better. But sadly, your opinion is second to that of the mobile customers’. Undertaking a conversion rate optimisation (CRO) analysis, is a great way to initially determine both the weakest and strongest aspects of your mobile site. Taking the route to purchase yourself through a mobile phone can help flag up any immediate issues with your customers’ experience. Taking the route to purchase through a variety of competing sites, can also help you directly compare the quality of mobile user experience.

Tip #3 – Don’t just focus on the mobile user’s on-site experience

It’s great when your customers continue to come back to your site, purchasing items again and again. But what about those customers who haven’t been back to your site for a while? Even in the case of repeat custom, there’s nothing to say those customers will definitely return to your site in the near future. You need to ensure you drip nurture your leads, keeping the communication open with targeted, relevant content, encouraging your customers to continue to interact with your fashion brand.

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