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Helen Jackson

Fashion brands: How to merge social with online shopping

Mobile now accounts for over 50% of all e-commerce traffic. So, for your fashion brand to gain a piece of the mobile conversion action, you need to ensure your customers’ experience with your brand is seamless and accessible across a variety of channels and devices. Gliding users from your social platforms effortlessly to your product pages, should all be part of an omni-channel digital marketing strategy.

Here are a few ideas for your fashion brand to merge social channels with online shopping.

Forever 21 like2buy Instagram link

Like2buy link

The ‘like2buy’ link for Instagram, helps fashion brands including Next and Forever 21, to monetise their social accounts. Including this link in your company Instagram biography is a great way to indicate to your shoppers that they are able to easily purchase the products showcased on Instagram. Clicking a product image, such as the ones shown above, takes you directly to the specific product page within the Forever 21 website, making it a smooth channel transition for the customer.

Including product codes in posts

If you’re looking for consistency when integrating your social channels with your online store, you could take a leaf out of Oasis’ book and include the product code numbers in each post. This is a strategy that will definitely give your social channels a consistent way of presenting the products available for purchase on your website. But be careful, you need to make sure that when your customers copy and paste the product code into the on-site search bar, it is connected to the products. Some fashion brands only connect keyword-related search terms to their search bar.

Instigate a social competition

Offering a dedicated social-only competition will encourage your target market to socially engage and interact with your brand across your social platforms. Creating a social competition can be a great way to connect your e-commerce store and social channels together. A good example of a social media competition could be giving users the chance to win their wish list from your website. In order to create a wish list, all competition entrants would have to create an account within your site, providing your brand with useful marketable data such as email addresses. And perhaps to enter the competition, your customers would have to notify your brand by using a branded hashtag. Not only does this integrate your two channels, it also increases your social brand awareness.

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