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Susie Hood

Fashion Marketing Agency: Hitsearch

The fashion industry is an incredibly crowded market and highly competitive. There are hundreds of brands vying for the attention of customers just like yours and it’s more difficult than ever to stand out. How can your fashion brand differentiate from the rest?

Fashion companies can benefit from choosing an agency partner who can provide a specific skillset that’s very difficult (and costly) to try to replicate in-house. Some of the agency skills that can help your fashion brand cut through the noise include:

  1. Being able to develop a co-ordinated strategy across all digital and offline channels
  2. Expertise and depth of experience in each marketing discipline
  3. Being able to accurately attribute channels and activity to ROI even with complex paths to sale across multiple devices and channels; customers often won’t buy on their first visit to your site.

The signs of a successful marketing campaign

Of course, the greatest sign of a successful marketing strategy for retail is seeing a good return on your investment, from a top line point of view. However, if you dig a little deeper why a campaign is successful, you’ll find that the activity provoked a reaction from the target audience in some or all (the holy grail) of these areas:

  1. Desire – they have to really want what you’re selling
  2. Urgency – they have to see the benefit if they buy it NOW rather than later
  3. Quality – is it a good buy? Better than similar products available elsewhere?
  4. Value – is it worth the money?
  5. Trust – will you deliver on what your brand promises in all areas?
  6. Memorable – does your campaign drive a connection for people to your brand and/or products

Our performance marketing approach to fashion marketing

With Hitsearch as an agency partner, we want to be an extension of your business, rather than a separate entity. Long-term successful partnerships only work when everyone buys into the same vision and ethos. Our approach is:

Driven by strategy

Everyone, including the client team and stakeholders as well as Hitsearch, agree to a strategy that ties all activity together, with clear objectives at the heart.

Targets and metrics are defined for all activity to measure performance, including things like:

  1. Exposure (impressions/reach)
  2. Conversion rates from the various channels involved
  3. Number of transactions and revenue generated
  4. Average order values for campaign sales
  5. Repeat visits/lifetime value of customers

Benchmarking against competitors regularly is a great way to show campaign progress and brand growth, using best-in-class tools and years of experience.

Clear communication is key in a successful partnership. Whilst we love tech, we don’t always love tech talk and jargon. We make sure that our communications and recommendations are straightforward and explained clearly.

Part of working with Hitsearch means that we help your in-house staff to develop their skills as we go. Whether you’re looking to upskill in SEO, paid media or social media for fashion marketing, our team can help your team develop and learn.

Your team have direct contact with our experts

As a digital marketing agency, Hitsearch have been working with fashion brands for more than 13 years now. Our team includes specialists in SEO, paid media, email marketing, content marketing, social media, PR and CRO with decades of combined experience in running successful marketing campaigns in your industry.

Why you should speak to Hitsearch about your fashion marketing agency requirements

If you’re looking for some assistance with your fashion digital marketing, Hitsearch are ideally placed to help your business grow, with our team of specialists across all digital marketing disciplines. We pride ourselves on being easy to deal with (we’re here to make your life easier) and being transparent about what we do and where your investment is going. We want to build long-term relationships with our partner brands and have received industry recognition and awards for our work and qualifications.

Take a look at our case studies to see some of the fashion brands we’ve worked with and how we’ve helped them with meaningful results and delivering a great return on investment.

Find out more about our fashion marketing services

If you want a taste of what we can do for your fashion brand and to find out more about our digital marketing in ecommerce approach and services, why not give our free 15-minute (no obligation) consultation with an industry expert a try? We’ll give you an honest and objective view on your marketing activity and highlight some opportunities that we see for growth.

You can access our dedicated fashion marketing industry resources here and get in touch with us by calling 0800 011 9715 to find out how we do things differently.




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