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Susie Hood

Five ways to build links to an insurance website

Having links from other websites to yours can help your insurance firm in a number of ways. Firstly, search engines tend to attribute more authority to websites that have a strong backlink profile i.e. lots of links from other relevant and authoritative websites. This can result in an increase in your website’s visibility for those people using organic search to find an insurance provider. Links act a bit like a trust signal. The theory is that websites linking to another are essentially vouching for the site they are linking to.

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Another way that links can help insurance firms is if they also send referral traffic. So, if someone clicks the link on the other site, they will be sent straight to your website. It is then your job to try and turn the visitor into a customer.

So, having established that links are good for your insurance firm’s online presence, how can you go about getting other websites to link to yours? See some of our ideas for marketing activity that can result in a variety of different types and strength of links.

Leverage your business brand story – Business media links

Everyone loves a good story; your company history and the narrative behind it could be used to help you gain links from business news websites. Telling the story of how your company came about, with focus on the founder(s), some great quotes and nice photos, can make a great business story that local, national and even global business news sites may want to feature. 

News generation – Press/Media links

Whilst public relations and comms is clearly a huge area that we won’t attempt to cover in a paragraph, digital PR activity can be a great way to gain some press or media links to your website. News generation campaigns can take many forms, from customer data or survey stories to PR stunts, or providing expert commentary on a breaking news story. Whilst some online publications have a firm policy not to link to websites on editorial coverage they publish, others will do so at their discretion, so it’s always worth an ask.

Work with bloggers/influencers – Blog links

You might not think that bloggers and influencers would be a natural fit with an insurance firm. That could certainly be the case for some, but the fact is that most people need several types of insurance product at some time in their lives; bloggers and influencers are no different. Depending on the type of insurance you offer, your activity with bloggers could vary. For example, it could involve them creating relevant content about a life stage they are at e.g. buying a home and looking for various relevant insurance policies, such as life insurance, home insurance, critical illness cover etc. You are generally expected to pay bloggers for their time to create the content for your brand. This fee will vary, depending on the individual blogger and their site strength. Social media coverage by the blogger, although it might be good for helping to increase brand awareness, won’t result in a link.

Brand or charity partnerships

If your insurance firm works with specific partners or charities, you can ask them for a link to your site from theirs. You could be teaming up with a charity for a specific event or occasion, or you might have other companies that you routinely work closely with. If you use certain industry tools, systems or software, the sites that sell this might also be willing to link to you, as a happy customer or subscriber.


There are often plenty of sponsorship opportunities for companies such as insurance firms and they don’t all require a big budget. It’s always worth looking around for local good causes, sports clubs and community events as well as bigger national opportunities, such as sponsoring awards or conferences. Check out their website strength and see if they would be a good fit for your brand ethos before approaching them. The more relevant they are to what you do, the better. Most sponsored parties would be happy to give your firm’s website a link in return for your support.

These are just a few of the many ways in which insurance firms, and other types of company, can start to build their backlink profile. If you want more information on how we help insurance brands to increase their online visibility, get in touch today or on 0800 011 9715.

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