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FREE campaign analysis templates for your law firm

We love sharing free templates with you to help you get the most out of your marketing! Our latest adapted templates are originally from HubSpot templates; we’ve made it specific for your law firm.

Why download these free campaign analysis templates? Read more below...

Free campaign analysis templates for your law firm


You can easily see individual channel performance

These campaign templates have been designed to make it easier for your firm to analyse which channels are performing the strongest and which, perhaps, need a little more investment behind them. The tabs are broken up into four different sections, visitor analysis, lead/enquiry analysis, new client analysis and, lastly, an overall campaign conversion rate analysis tab.

Visitor analysis

It’s important to be able to measure the full conversion process, this way, you’ll know on average, how many visitors you need to attract to convert three new clients, for example. This tab helps you easily visualise your month on month progress, and it’s interesting to see the graph reflect the month's data. 

Enquiry/lead analysis

Generating leads/new enquiries is crucial, enabling your law firm to grow. This tab helps you closely measure how much new interest you’re generating for your firm’s legal representation services. Lead measurement is one of marketing’s strongest ROI indicators.

New client analysis

Communicating the direct impact your marketing activities have had on new client case generation, will be the best way to show the board and partners exactly how instrumental digital marketing tactics are. Not only are they instrumental in boosting your firm’s exposure, as your visitor analysis will highlight, but by generating new clients for the firm.

Campaign conversion rate

This is the tab that pulls all the previous data together, converting each into percentages and formulating them into a helpful visit to lead/enquiry and lead/enquiry to client graphs. Conversion rates are helpful quality indicators because they measure the percentage of people who are moving from one marketing stage to the next. An increase in your firm’s conversion rate would imply an improvement in the quality of your content and also the quality of your traffic, too.

Ready to download the templates? Access your FREE campaign analysis templates here.

download your free campaign analysis templates

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