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Get your firm's PPC campaign up and running with these 3 steps

We all need a helping hand sometimes, particularly when it comes to a channel we’ve never come across or fully utilised. Running a successful PPC campaign requires a mixture of elements including time, research and testing. But, how do you get your campaigns up and running? We discuss our 3 simple steps to get your firm’s PPC campaign up and running in the post below!

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3 simple steps to getting your firm's PPC campaign up and running

Set your campaign goals and objectives

This should be the first phase you complete in order to get your PPC campaign up and running. Without a focus, your firm could end up investing a lot of money into bidding on unnecessary keywords or driving traffic to the wrong pages. You need to outline exactly what it is you’re hoping to realistically achieve from your campaign, do you want the user to fill in a form, to download a guide or a booklet, or perhaps you want them to ring a particular number - it’s important you’re clear about your aim!

Conduct some initial keyword research

Before you use keyword research tools or look at the competition, gather your marketing team around the table, and begin to brainstorm ideas. What search terms would you use to look for legal services? What keyword terms would you like your firm to appear in the search results for? After you’ve completed this initial phase, you can start to research keywords and keyword phrases, around the keywords you initially brainstormed. This way you’re not going straight into keyword research, without having an idea of what you’re actually researching. Once you’ve decided on your keywords, set your bid and select your daily, or monthly, budget.

Two keyword tools to try are:

Google Keyword Planner


Write your PPC advert

The copy that makes up your firm’s PPC advert, can make or break your campaign. You need to write clear and concise copy, not just so that it’s easy to understand for the user, but it needs to be highly relevant for your target audience so they actually want to click on it. If your copy says ‘get your free legal service quote’, but when clicked, the user goes through to your ‘contact us’ page, with no mention of the free legal services quote, the user is instantly disengaged. You need to make the process clear and straightforward for the user, don’t make them jump through hoops. Consider setting up a separate landing page to promote the offer, this way the user won’t get confused, this will also help improve your conversion rate.

Pursue your legal personas with paid advertising

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