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Catrin Hughes

Google Search Console: How mobile usability data can be used to increase your sales and revenue

Mobile is becoming an increasingly dominant force in E-commerce. While not yet the number one online shopping device for all retail brands, it is increasing its share rapidly. According to figures by the Ecommerce Foundation, over half of consumers in the UK use their mobile to search for products and then some use a desktop device to place an order. These statistics show that having a strong cross-channel approach is hugely important to increasing sales and revenue.

Making sure you know and understand how your website is performing when accessed via mobile is vital. This can be done by monitoring your website on Google Search Console (GCS). This dashboard is a free platform offered by Google that helps you to monitor and maintain your site's presence in Google's SERPs. For more information on how to set up GCS click here.

GCS can tell you if there are any issues with mobile usability on your site. For example, it can tell you if your content is wider than the screen, if clickable elements are too close together and if the text is too small to see amongst other issues. All of these problems can lead to potential customers being put off shopping on your site and going elsewhere.

Great mobile usability is a good way to increase your mobile conversion rate. So, make sure you’re on top of your mobile usability errors.

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Mobile site design

GSC can help you identify which pages are causing problems in terms of your design. From images that are too large to text that is too small to read, you can pinpoint what is turning your users off and improve your mobile site design. Having a well-designed mobile site that works for every page – including both revenue generating pages and marketing pages are vital to increasing revenue and sales.

Creating mobile-friendly content

If you are creating content for your e-commerce site – whether that is product pages or an inspirational content marketing piece, you need to ensure that what you are creating is mobile friendly and sits well on the site. Top mobile usability issues to look out for include:

  • Images: ensure that any images you use fit the page and adapt well to mobile.
  • Text: when designing a page check that the text is readable on a mobile device
  • Call to action buttons: due to the small size of a smartphone, clickable elements can sometimes be too close together. To avoid this think carefully about how many clickable elements you need and keep it simple.
  • Third party plugins: If you use third-party plugins, such as software for shoppable or interactive content, check before you commit that it is mobile compatible.

Using GSC to ensure your mobile site is as user-friendly as possible should help to increase your mobile conversion rate, which will hopefully lead to increase sales and revenue.

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