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Niall Brooke

Google’s Pixel Phone and the impact it could have on search habits


Google has just released its latest piece of hardware, a phone called Pixel. This brand new device comes in two different sizes and has the ability to save unlimited photos and videos, along with the best camera a smartphone has ever integrated.



The promotional video from Google (above) showcases the Pixel’s stylish new design and features, and they even through in a dig at Apple’s decision to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Alongside Pixel, Google has released a rival to the Amazon Echo; a hands-free device called Google Home. The device can provide answers to spoken questions, play music and videos, access calendar information, interact with smart devices, and much more. The big impact on SEO, however, is the inclusion of Google Assistant, which is designed to be more than just answering questions but you can actually have full conversations.

Voice Search

Voice search is rapidly growing and already around 55% of teens and 41% of adults use the functionality on daily basis. These figures come as no surprise due to the fact voice search allows users to multi-task, is hands-free and is very fast.

voice search by Google

As the years pass, voice search is becoming more and more accurate as the technology improves. In fact, the error for speech recognition in words was over 20% two years ago, and now it’s as low as just 8%. According to Google, however, the future of voice search is conversational search rather than just voice recognition. For a more in-depth look into voice search and how it will change SEO check out this article from Search Engine Journal.

Google Assistant

google voice search gif-1.gif


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Google Assistant which is bundled into Pixel uses machine learning to help understand and communicate with the user in a conversational manner. Google's reasoning behind this is that many people ‘talk’ to google on daily basis through typing in searches however Google wants you to think of it as real life human you can interact with.

People having been using Googles Voice search for many years now but Google Assistant aims to do much more than that by actually giving users more in-depth responses.  Essentially, Google Assistant combines the massive amount of data they have from the information around the web, with the power of machine learning. Google Search has always been a one-way interaction, however, this most likely will change with the introduction of Pixel and Google Assistant over the next few years.

The impact on SEO

So how will conversational voice search impact SEO? Something that all business/marketers should now be implementing is a voice search strategy. Not only with Google Assistant but with Microsoft pushing Cortana through all Windows 10 devices; this is a clear indication of where the future of search is going. 

One of the key ways to tackle this is to produce quality content in a conversational tone. There may be a clear divide appearing in search by users who are typing questions in and those who are speaking to Google. Those typing their questions may spend more time revising their results whilst a voice searcher may want instant results. It will, therefore, become crucial that your business has the ability to appeal to all types of users when producing content – so keep that in mind for your future strategies!

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