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Andy Donaldson

Guide to using content marketing to optimise local search

97% of users search for local businesses online, so local SEO is key to building visibility among your community. In this blog we’ll discuss just how content marketing can help to optimise your legal firm for local search.

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Using content marketing to improve local search

Look at your demographics

Begin by researching where exactly your website visitors are coming from, you will of course have visitors based around your legal firm’s physical location, through optimisation of directories and Google + pages. But you may also be able to find other areas of the country which seem to have more traffic coming to your website and so may be useful areas to increase your local search. You can do this by producing content which has a tie not only to your physical location but these interested locations as well.


Find local keywords

Knowing the geographic areas in which you gain traffic, you can begin to conduct key word research which will support your content generation. However when focusing on improving local search you should find keywords specific to those geographic regions you wish to target. This allows you to understand the searches going on in that area that relate to the legal services your firm offers and how you can best compete with your content within search results.


Create local friendly content

Once you’ve conducted your keyword research you will then have a host of ideas which you can use to inspire your content and give it a specific target in your targeted locations. From here you can work on producing local friendly content which aims to speak to your audience in those chosen areas as well as help your local ranking within search engines.


Measure and repeat

As with any changes and optimisation work you need to measure the effects and reports on the results you witness. By doing this you allow yourself and your firms to confirm that these changes have been beneficial or not and therefore repeat procedures to allow you to continue and adapt your website and content to be more effective in local search.

 9 content marketing tips for the legal sector

By following these tips your legal firm will be able to optimise for local search using your content marketing efforts.

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