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Matthew Crehan

Help your firm stand out from the crowd with these legal marketing tips

The legal sector has always been a highly competitive industry but this was heightened further by the Legal Services Act 2007. This act led to non-legal brands exploiting the power of their already established names and reputation, making marketing legal services that little bit tougher.

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An example of one such established brand taking advantage of the Legal Service Act is the Co-operative Legal Services formed in 2006, which just three years after the introduction of the act, reported a turnover of £20 million which placed them in the top 5% of UK law firms by turnover.

So is that it, should your legal firm just roll over and let these large established outside brands take over the legal sector?

The answer, a definite no! And here are three ways you can make your firm stand out from the crowd with these legal marketing tips.



One of the big issues within the legal sector is that firms position themselves to mirror their competitors and more often than not are left with the battle to stand out from the crowd coming down to service costs.

But by clearly identifying what makes your firm different from your competitors, be it your experience, your service offerings or your client’s feedback and utilising this competitive advantage you can make sure your frim stands out from the rest.

Richard Grove, Marketing and Business Development Director at Allen & Overy states that “positioning is a top priority for us and we try to make sure that our clients and prospective clients are aware when we are doing things that are different and demonstrate leadership in certain areas.”



The biggest chance for your firm to gain new clients is through direct interaction. In the past this may have been at an event, over the phone or email, but now in addition to these methods your firm has social media at its disposal and at the fingertips of your prospective clients.

Social Media provides a perfect place to interact with prospective clients, providing links to educational and insightful content, engaging with client questions and giving you a place to build a brand and position your firm.

The aim of social media as with any form of interaction you have with prospective clients should be to show behaviour aligned with the thought leadership of your firm and the perceived behaviour perspective clients have of you. A great example of this is US firm Morrison Foerster who launched a mobile application called MoFo2Go, which allowed mobile users to access their website, connect with attorneys and included educational and interactive games. A report on the success of the applications performance found that the app provided evidence of both positioning and behaviour which fitted strategically with Morrison Foerster’s strong client base within the technology sector.



A final marketing tip to make your firm stand out is to optimise and utilise the visual identity of your firm that you present. This comprises of your firm’s name, logo, strapline as well as the content you produce from your service page copy, blog content, videos, infographics and social content.

All of these build the image of your firm’s brand in the eyes of your prospective clients. UK firm Taylor Vinters ensures that everything they do is done from their clients perspective both on and offline. A great example of this is at events and conferences where instead of presenting in the typical lawyer fashion, their partners present as if they are a client from a bank or large accounting firm.

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Make your firm stand out from the crowd with these legal marketing tips and ensure you capture the hearts and minds of your prospective clients by clearly positioning your firm, behaving the way they expect and creating a brand image from their perspective.

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