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Here are 5 benefits of pay-per-click advertising your firm can enjoy

Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, is a digital marketing tactic that can help your firm quickly discover, which ads are captivating your audience and which just aren’t as relevant as you thought they were for your audience.

The PPC channel can help support the rest of your campaign getting you closer to achieving your goal. Whether you’re wanting to drive enquiries by taking advantage of a particular timely news story, or whether you’re just wanting more, targeted and relevant users come to your site. Whatever your reason, PPC can help your firm achieve its case enquiry goals!

Speed to market

Unlike with search engine optimisation techniques, your PPC ad can be live within minutes – directly in front of your target audience. Ads can start delivering qualified leads to your firm’s website in a very short space of time, making it the perfect channel to use if you have a relevant offer for your target audience or something of value to say to your audience. Without something enticing, your audience won’t feel compelled to click.

Testing capabilities

Not only can your ads be live in minutes, but you can also start analysing data fairly quickly, too! You can begin to test your ads for the best possible outcome; refining them until they are at peak performance. These testing features help your firm learn from each ad, making future tactics stronger and even more focused! Try testing these five elements:

  1. Test your headlines
  2. Try differentiating your firm’s offer
  3. Test ads that speak directly to your audience’s pain points
  4. Test your call to action, is your action too vague?
  5. Test using keywords

You only pay when someone clicks your ad

The name says it all! You only pay once someone clicks your ad, therefore this digital tactic is perfect for reducing marketing budget wastage. Once you understand your best targeting options to get straight in front of your target audience, the less money you’ll start wasting.

You can get in front of a local and national market

If your firm has a variety of offices around the nation, you can run locally-targeted campaigns for each area. Ensuring all your localised audiences are well-informed that you’re close by, helping you boost your brand exposure across the nation. PPC gives you access to a truly massive online market; much bigger than that of your organic social media channels, for example.

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