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Helen Jackson

How building buyer personas can increase your firm’s revenue

The good thing about persona marketing is no matter your industry, it can help you refine and define your target audience, meaning you waste less time and effort on marketing tactics that fail to generate relevant leads. It’s important that your firm can get in on this action and with the legal market ever-growing in competitive spirit, it’s crucial your firm starts adopting this marketing strategy to even begin to compete.

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how to build your buyer personas

Buyer personas keep your marketing focused

So many firms, and businesses alike, pour money into a wide variety of digital marketing channels, and continue the process again and again, not actually knowing which channels are successfully reaching their audience and pulling them into their site. Aimlessly marketing to a mass audience is a waste of time and effort. You need to know exactly what your audience is after and what problems they need solving. You also need to know that your marketing tactics are directly in front of your target audience. Building these buyer personas will ensure you’re pulling in relevant leads to your firm’s website, relevant leads you’ll have a higher chance at converting, leading to an increase in revenue!

Buyer personas allow your firm to connect with the customer

Understanding exactly which stage of the buyer’s journey your customers are at, can help you communicate clearly and concisely at each stage. Helping nurture and reassure your customers with your unique selling point, knowledge and expertise, will help strengthen your relationship with customers over time.  Understanding your personas’ pain points when they’re starting their search for legal services, all the way through to purchasing, is crucial to delivering a targeted persona marketing strategy. Marketing to your customers when they’re at the right stage at the right time, will help you increase your firm’s revenue.

Buyer personas help your firm remain consistent

With your firm strictly adhering to its buyer personas, your entire business will eventually gain a specific understanding of each audience group associated with your company. This is important, if it’s just one marketing person within your firm who has knowledge of your persona marketing strategy, then the lawyers taking phone calls or the business development team, won’t be able to feedback any answers they obtain from the clients themselves. Everyone has to be on-board with your new strategic direction, otherwise it’ll never take off and you won’t witness that increase in revenue!

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