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Catrin Hughes

How creating downloadable content for your law firm helps convert visitors

When you’re creating your content marketing strategy, high quality, exclusive and gated downloadable content should be on your tactics list. Not only are you providing a useful and engaging piece of content, it can also help push visitors down the conversion funnel. Here is your quick guide on how to create downloadable content for your law firm that will help visitors convert.

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What is downloadable content?

Downloadable content is content that is highly useful to your target client base that is ‘gated' i.e. they have to fill in a form with their details to gain access. Usually, downloadable content takes the form of an eBook, webinar, white paper, case studies or templates.

How does downloadable content work?

The visitor accesses this content by being driven to a landing page (through blogs, social media, onsite promotion or display advertising) that holds a form asking for relevant contact information, such as email address, name and other details which can help you identify their need. This then turns the visitor into a lead.

What this process does is create trust between you and the lead. You can then nurture them into a sales-ready position. Being able to capture your visitor’s data, such as email addresses, will take you a step closer into converting them as a potential client.

One of the main and most effective ways to nurture prospective clients is through email marketing. By emailing your lead valuable content that addresses their challenges, or offering exclusive deals, you can help ensure that your law firm will stay at the front of their mind.

How can you get visitors to download content?

To get downloads and crucially the visitor's information, you need to create content that is helpful and relevant to them; it needs to provide a solution to a challenge they are facing.

Once your content is created, you need to create a landing page that has a clear description of what the customer can expect to get and a decisive call to action (CTA). CTAs can be a simple link or a graphic icon or button – its needs to be something that draws the visitor’s attention.

When you are creating the form, do not make it excessively long or request too much information. It will put the user off. Just ask for what is relevant, such as name, email address and maybe company name and job title, if this is relevant to your business. It’s wise to make it clear that by filling in this form, they are opting into future marketing communications from your firm if you plan to use their email address for that purpose.

For more in-depth information and access to free campaign analysis templates, download our eBook: How to convert your Firm’s Web Visitors into potential clients, download the guide here.

how to convert your firm's web visitors into potential clients!

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