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Helen Jackson

How marketing automation can help increase your fashion brand's revenue

Marketing automation is a trend your fashion brand should definitely be thinking of adopting as part of its ongoing digital marketing strategy. Marketing automation is a trend having steadily grown over the past few years and is only set to further flourish this year.

With a variety of automation software platforms to choose from, your fashion brand can become more buyer persona-focused with automating certain communication, helping further your customer’s purchasing journey, hopefully helping them on their way to becoming brand advocates!

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Here’s how marketing automation can help increase your fashion brand’s revenue

Increase your revenue with marketing automation

It helps you refine your targeting

Pinpointing your audience in the first place requires copious amounts of research and analysis of your customer data. And, once you’ve segmented your audience into buyer personas, how do you then ensure you continue to target those specific personas, with only content and products they’re interested in? This is where marketing automation can really lend a hand. After your persona completes an action on your site, your brand can ensure the emails or specific content on your site that follows the action is always relevant to your customer. Resulting in a personalised experience for each of your customers, making the customer-brand relationship stronger, helping increase your conversion rate and SEO revenue! Perfect.

It helps you to better track your audience

We mean this in a strictly non-big-brother way…How are your audience finding you, what channel have they come from and how many times have they interacted with your site? If you don’t confidently know the answers to these questions, across your personas, then you need marketing automation! With online shopping now having expanded to include a multitude of devices, from wearable technology to mobile phones and tablets, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to appeal to your customers both cross-device and cross-channel. Marketing automation can help you keep track of which customers interacted with what actions on your site. From signing up to a newsletter, to purchasing a product from your latest collection and can even help you tackle basket abandonment, nudging those customers with an email reminding them about their forgotten goods, can help increase your conversion rate, subsequently helping to increase your revenue.

Improved lead nurturing

Lead nurturing can help turn your once lost leads back into active and engaged customers. How? Setting up lead nurturing workflows can help your fashion brand interact in a timely manner with your colder leads, for example, customers who might not have visited your site in six months, a year, whatever amount of time, you choose the path your interaction will take. Even small personalised gestures can help re-engage your lost members of your target audience, for example an email on the customer’s birthday with a 10% off offer, can do wonders for your lead nurturing process. These marketing automation tactics are helping your fashion brand to nurture its customers, nurturing them with highly relevant content and maximising the chances of the customer interacting with that specific email or tailored content, helping increase your chances of improved conversion rate.

This is just one of the many ecommerce trends that can impact your fashion brand in 2016. To find out about other ecommerce trends, particularly surrounding your mobile audience, sign up to our webinar and implement them for your brand, now! Sign up here.

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