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Helen Jackson

How Next can inspire your omni-channel strategy

Founded in 1982, Next are loved by men, women and children alike, offering a high-quality selection of homeware, also, it’s fair to say Next have become a well-loved high street retailer for the modern British family. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, when it comes to their omni-channel strategy, they offer a top-class customer experience.

Their free next day delivery to store pulls their customers into store, yet enables the customer to interact seamlessly online first. Not many stores offer a free next day delivery to stores, many charge a small fee, which doesn’t really incentivise the customers to utilise the service. Encouraging their customers to interact cross-channel this way, gives the customer a flexible and efficient purchasing journey.

Next's omni-channel strategy, next day delivery to store

Next are helping the customer that little bit more…

If you’re on the above help page regarding delivery options for a few minutes, a help box appears asking if you need some help, offering the customer the chance to be called straight away by one of the Next help team. This feature is very helpful for the customer again, offering that cross-channel communication and delivering superior customer service, is what makes the Next omni-channel strategy a truly strong one.

Next offer a great Twitter help account, the account is so customer enquiries and complaints can be dealt with completely separately to the main company Twitter account. The help account is gratefully mentioned within their main Twitter account biography, so the customer can see straight away that they can contact customer service directly. Their ‘help’ account does state 24/7 help, but with some tweets not being answered for a few days, they could think about removing that text.

Next's omni-channel strategy

So, what inspiration can you take from Next?

It’s clear, that after exploring their website and social channels, Next are big customer service advocates. Providing great customer experience can help you increase customer loyalty, increase site conversion rates and can help you increase your revenue. Gaining a reputation as a company who values their customers can help you generate a superior brand perception. If your customers know your customer service is top notch, they’ll perhaps be more forgiving about any problems they do encounter with your products.

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