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Susie Hood

How optimised FAQs can transform your legal firm’s online presence

The ways in which people search for information when they are thinking about using a legal service, or making a claim, are vastly different to how they did it ten years ago. The introduction and growth of voice search, home assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo, plus the ways in which Google uses ‘answer boxes’ to respond to popular queries, means that answering relevant questions that your target audience have, is a more important part of your online marketing strategy than ever.


Your site appearing as a snippet in an ‘answer box’ (also known as ‘position 0’) can result in around three times more click-throughs from search engine results pages (SERPs), making it worthwhile to spend some time and effort in optimising your website to try and achieve as many of these answer boxes as possible. The FAQ section of a website is a great place to start, as the whole purpose of it is to answer important questions that your audience has.

You can think outside of the box when optimising FAQs

People will search for various questions at different points on their user journey; capturing relevant traffic high up the funnel can help get your legal firm into the conscious (or subconscious) mix with potential clients at an early stage. This means that you might benefit from answering some relevant, but more general, questions, as well as balancing this with some really specific, long-tail queries that are more likely to be asked by someone closer to making a decision about instructing a legal firm or starting a certain type of claim.

Check relevancy & search volumes before writing your questions and answers

Sometimes, just trying to imagine what your clients might want to know at certain stages of their journey might not be as straightforward as you’d think. Understanding what people will search for answers to (phrasing and terminology) and what their pain points are at every step, from first identifying a need through to committing to a legal firm, is a huge exercise in itself. Knowing your audience is a key part of making sure that you’re tailoring your FAQs effectively and having properly defined legal personas will help with this.

You could spend a lot of time and effort answering questions in your FAQs that only half a dozen people a year will search for; is that worth it? You can use keyword research tools to see how many people search for your questions before you commit to spending time actually writing. For some niche enquiries, it could actually be worthwhile even if the search volume is small, because someone who is looking for that particular answer could be highly likely to convert. This is something that you can evaluate as you go along.

Answering your target audience’s questions concisely and effectively is a great tool to help drive more highly-relevant organic traffic to your site, and can result in significant increases in pre-qualified leads.

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