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How remarketing can help your firm convert more visitors

Visitors to your site may not always be looking to convert – some may be browsing for educational purposes, for example. However, even for those who are searching for a legal firm for a specific set of requirements, it does not necessarily mean they will convert during their first visit to your site. Kissmetrics states that on average, 96% of visitors coming to your site are not ready to buy – so how do you get them to come back?

Remarketing is a digital marketing tactic where you place adverts in front people who have already visited your site. The remarketing ads follow these users as they browse other sites on the web. As we all know, Google is a very powerful tool – and through the power of remarketing, your firm is able to stay at the forefront of the user’s mind.

Improve your firm’s conversion rates

If a visitor leaves your site and then comes across an ad for your services on another site, this can assist in driving visitors involved in a conversion process back into the sales scenario. Ultimately, helping your law firm convert more visitors is the goal, and remarketing has been proven to improve your chances of this happening. Wordstream found that conversion rates increase the more users see an ad within remarketing campaigns; although click-through rates may decline over time, the people who click on your ad after seeing it a few times become twice as likely to convert.

Target a specific audience

One of the many benefits of remarketing includes the ability to target a specific audience through the use of remarketing tags. For example, adding a tag to users who have visited a specific landing page will enable you to only remarket to these visitors, consequently reminding them of the information that page provided. If a visitor to your site has been on a page to download a form but does not complete it, for example, you can then remarket this to encourage them to return to your site and convert.

Make your remarketing ads eye-catching

Ensuring your remarketing ads encourage your target audience to click on them is the main aim, so it's vital that they're eye-catching! Try not to use stock photos, as they can be quite generic and if they have been seen elsewhere, it is unlikely that your audience will see it and want to click. Try not to overuse your logo, either – the smaller the better, but often not using your logo at all in remarketing can be quite effective. The Content Marketing Institute found the brands who got rid of their logo out of their remarketing thumbnails saw a 27% increase in click through rates.

Learn about more tactics to convert your firm's web visitors by downloading our guide, here!

how to convert your firm's web visitors into potential clients!

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