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How retailers are engaging the mobile user

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It can be tough coming up with original ideas to engage the mobile user. But looking to competitors or industry leaders can spark creativity when you least expect it! So, if you’re struggling for ideas to engage your mobile users, step this way and check out how retailers are engaging the mobile user!

How retailers are engaging the mobile user

Topshop engage their mobile user wherever they go

If you visit the Topshop homepage, your eyes are drawn to their Topshop on the go section, intriguing the user to learn more with its mysteriously non-descriptive introduction. When you click on it, you realise they’ve heavily invested in their mobile users with a handy app. Topshop has always been one for digital innovation, particularly surrounding Fashion Week, so it isn’t a surprise they have been delighting their customers for some time now with their inventive and useful app.

The app lets you scan a barcode in-store to check the availability of the product in other stores, so if they’re just out of your size in one branch, no worries, just pop to the other as it’s not a wasted journey. The app also lets the user view style and inspiration tips and share their favourite products.

Schuh focus on in-store Wi-Fi with push marketing capabilities

High street retailer Schuh have implemented a Wi-Fi marketing product by a company called Purple. Now up and running in over 100 of their stores, the platform allows the brand to gather real-time insight into their customers. The platform enables the shoe brand to send relevant offers direct to the customer via emarketing and SMS messaging, whilst measuring the footfall of their store, number of conversions and much more. The platform helps the brand to understand in-depth how the customers interact with their retail space.

SMS marketing can deliver fantastic results in terms of increased conversion rates. An infographic published by the Marketing Tech Blog revealed that retail brand Faith, saw SMS increase revenue by 47% for a single campaign!

Mothercare are enhancing the customer experience rather than solely selling

Since they’ve realised they have the upper hand over Amazon in terms of tips and advice for parents, they’ve changed their strategy completely. Having launched a tablet app, they have become more mobile-focused. Harnessing the educational element to the Mothercare and Early Learning Centre brands, rather than competitive pricing and product offer-led strategy. The current Head of Mobile & UX at Mothercare, Harpinder Singh said speaking in 2014, ‘brands that don’t take advantage of mobile are the ones that are going to suffer.’

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