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Helen Jackson

How to achieve high performing PPC campaigns for your law firm

Regardless of industry, every marketer strives for high performing campaigns. Understanding how to get the most out of your firm’s PPC campaigns, can have an enormously positive impact on your firm’s lead generation efforts, and overall visibility.

So we briefly discuss below, how to achieve high performing PPC campaigns for your law firm - we hope you find it useful!

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Build buyer personas

What does this have to do with PPC? ALL marketing channels are connected to your buyer personas. Creating and adhering to a buyer persona, is how your firm is going to remain targeted and focused on the end goal - to increase your revenue through case lead generation. Creating a buyer persona is much more than thinking who your ideal customer is. The creation process takes you through a variety of important stages. From firstly figuring out exactly who your audience is made up of, to starting to understand their behaviour online, making it a lot easier to understand their paint points and overall challenges. Once you’ve created them, you can build your PPC campaigns with that persona specifically in mind.

Carry out competitor analysis

This isn’t just a task for when you’re building PPC campaigns, this should be an ongoing exercise your firm carries out across all channels. Understanding where your firm sits within the competitive PPC landscape, is important - not just to benchmark your firm’s position, but to inspire your creative PPC campaign ideas. What are other firms offering? Where does their ad take you to? What keywords are they bidding on? Being able to answer all these questions, will put your firm in an advantageous position when it comes to creating your PPC campaigns.

A/B test your firm’s ads

A/B testing (sometimes called split testing), is when you compare two versions of the same PPC advert. Running the ads at the same time to similar audiences, allows your firm to understand which ad works better and why. This process allows your firm to continually test and refine its ads, making sure you’re constantly bettering your PPC marketing approach. Staying on top of your campaigns by tweaking them, as opposed to pressing start on your campaign and letting it run its course, is crucial to obtain a high performing PPC campaign.

Pursue your legal personas with paid advertising

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