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Andy Donaldson

How to analyse your current digital marketing channels

Analysing your current channels is one of the most important factors in the formulation of your new omni-channel strategy. If you don’t know how your current channels are performing, you won’t know what to swap out, what to invest more time and money into, and what to amend for best performance.

We’ve put a short guide together to help guide your fashion brand down the correct path of channel analysis. Need a longer guide? Download our omni-channel eBook below.

How to analyse your current digital marketing channels

Optimise all channels for conversions

Why would you do this before implementing your strategy? Making sure your pages are the most optimised for conversions can help you easily determine which channel is performing the best and can help highlight why the others aren’t performing so well. If you’ve optimised your channels as much as possible, then optimising them could highlight the content you’re sharing or perhaps who you’re targeting, is the downfall of conversions. Optimising your channels for conversions ultimately gives you an even blueprint to start your channel analysis.

Obtain customer feedback

We mention the importance of customer feedback A LOT here at Hit Search, but it’s only because it can hold so much value for your fashion brand. Getting brutally honest opinions from your target market is a crucial element, helping inform your current and future strategies. Remember, obtaining customer feedback just once, won’t help strengthen your brand offering in the future. You need to think about perhaps building a few focus groups including customers and non-customers (but still your target market). And in exchange for their honest feedback you could offer them a small incentive, a voucher for your brand perhaps.

Measure your organic brand interaction and reach

Measuring monetary value is of course important, but measuring organic customer interactions with your brand is also a valuable exercise. You can use many tools to measure your organic interaction and reach between your customers and your brand. It’s just as important to measure the level of engagement your customers give your brand, as well as how you brand reacts with customers. It’s a two way street. So if you’re wondering why no one is really interacting with your brand, you should probably become more socially active!

Need a hand with your digital marketing channel analysis? Download our omni-channel eBook below OR give our team a call on, 0800 011 9715.

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