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Andy Donaldson

How to become a legal industry thought leader

No matter the industry, every marketer seeks thought leader status. It helps build a credible and authoritative brand perception. So, perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s no different within the legal sector. Although, within this sector, firms are fighting for air in an increasingly saturated market. How can you ensure your voice is elevated?

Here are our top tips!

Build content partnerships

Building a content partnership is a mutually beneficial for both your firm and the third party website or magazine. These are relationships you should look to sustain over a long period of time. Offering them thought-led pieces from a specific author in your company, perhaps the MD or someone with many years of industry experience under their belt, can really help your brand gain traction.

Embrace digital marketing

In a recent survey conducted by Econsultancy, barriers to investment in the legal sector included culture, ROI and reliance on traditional marketing, with reliance on traditional marketing taking the lead with 26%. Putting traditional marketing on the side-lines and embracing digital could effectively give your firm the competitive edge, with 26% still stuck within traditional marketing, actively participating within the digital sphere could make your firm an industry thought leader before you know it.

Network within your sector

Being physically seen at notable events in the legal sector, whether it’s business networking events or awards ceremonies, networking in general will help you build your firm’s profile. Getting involved in speaker events, or even regional events can go some way whilst you’re establishing yourself as a legal expert. Don’t forget about networking online, too. Make sure you’re seen across a variety of social platforms, interacting with other sector influencers and experts to help support your profile.

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