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Helen Jackson

How to best utilise social media across the festive period

You’re using social media every day in your business, so why is utilising it throughout the Christmas period any different? Well, it’s not that different, in fact, a lot of the same techniques should be applied in order to maximise your revenue, regardless the time of year. However, at Christmas time, you’ll have a lot more trouble getting your voice heard. With pop-up Christmas shops selling rival goods, to other competitors undercutting the industry on price in order to achieve cost leadership. It can be manic.

So, what can your fashion brand do to capitalise across social media and boost your festive revenue? We’ll we’ve got a few tips to share with you…

How to best utilise social media accross the festive period

Interact with your followers

You probably already employ this tactic on a day-to-day basis. But you need to ramp up the interaction between yourself and your customers through your social channels. Firstly, you need to capture their attention so they know your brand haven’t forgotten about them as customers. Ok, so now you have their attention, you can start sharing content surrounding your imminent Christmas offers. Staying in contact as much as possible, commenting, replying or just retweeting their posts are all tactics that can help you connect that little bit more. If you start pedalling Christmas posts with people you don’t interact with on a regular basis, there’s more chance your posts won’t engage them.

Create a social-media orientated competition

Social competitions work really well. Everyone loves the chance to win a prize and letting your target market know you’re hosting a Christmas competition, by engaging in a variety of sponsored posts or Twitter cards, can be a great way to entice them to interact with your channels. Just make sure your competition is easy to access and simple to enter, particularly on a mobile device. With the fast-paced nature of social media platforms, with any luck, your competition will fly and attract attention and increase brand engagement levels. Result.

Make sure your brand is outwardly festive!

You’re pushing your Christmas deals and rolling out your Christmas competitions, but does your site and all your connected digital marketing channels actually reflect the Christmas period? If you’re running a PPC or an SEO campaign, are your messages reflecting your all-singing all-dancing Christmas offers? Does your site contain banners shouting about your Christmas offers and promotions? If you have a physical store all dressed up for Christmas, share photos across social media and give your social profiles a Christmas facelift too. You should be highlighting your fashion brand’s festive spirit, so get to it!

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