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Helen Jackson

How to boost online sales with CRO

CRO or conversion rate optimisation is a digital marketing tactic that can boost your conversions whilst simultaneously improving your users’ experience around your site. So, how can you start to use CRO to boost those all-important sales? We talk you through a few simple tips, here’s how to boost online sales with CRO.

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Bullet point your product copy

When a customer is faced with a wall of text about a particular product it can be really off-putting, so consider condensing your text into bite-sized bullet points. This way your USPs for the product really stand out and they’re much easier for your customers to understand in a snap judgement whether this is exactly the product they’re looking for, or not. If you bullet point your product’s features, this layout will make for a much more pleasant user experience all-round.

Make checking out easy

The customer could have spent weeks trying to find the right item and hey presto, they’ve found the perfect product in your ecommerce store! When it comes to checking out there’s simply no need to make them jump through hoops. From having to create an account to not offering a selection of payment methods, these barriers can become tiresome and a real deal-breaker for a lot of customers. Offering the customer the chance to checkout using a ‘guest account’ and sending them a follow-up email encouraging them to create an account in their spare time, is a much less frustrating path for the customer to take.

Don’t forget about current customers

You might be so focused on making sure any potential new customers don’t escape before they checkout, that you can easily forget about your current customers. Just because they’ve bought one or two items from you in the past, doesn’t mean they’re going to continue to purchase your products. Retaining customers is just as important as attracting new customers. Repeat customers are who can help you increase your brand’s exposure, don’t forget that! Running a competition for current customers, or setting up marketing automation emails as a subtle reminder to show you haven’t forgotten about them, can help them feel as though they are a valued customer.


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