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Andy Donaldson

How to build your brand personality using social media

If you can’t relate and connect with your audience, regardless of channel, then your fashion brand will struggle to build brand personality. Brand personality is what can differentiate your fashion brand from the competition. Showing this personality can also help you interact with your audience on a more personal level, helping build and sustain approachable and genuine relationships with your target market.

So just how can you build your brand personality using social media? Here’s our top 3 tips.

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Get rid of robotic responses to build brand personality

Get rid of robotic responses

We understand it can be difficult to completely wipe out all the generic responses, but even having a personalised token at the beginning of your response can help connect with your customers. Robotic responses across social media are widely recognised and get a bad reputation, basic lines such as ‘Please send your contact details through DM’ are constantly used. Sympathising with the customer through a personal social media response can go a long way to even slightly appeasing the customer whilst they wait for their issue to be resolved.

Know your audience

Knowing how your audience engage with your brand and which posts they interact with most, can help positively influence your strategy to build brand personality. Your personality needs to pull your audience in, encouraging them to interact and even evoke an opinion. You can get to know your audience by stepping up the level of interactions between your company and its followers. You need to reach out and actively get involved in the social community you’re trying to create!

Check out the competition

To make a real impact with your brand personality, you need to make sure it’s unique. You might think it’s unique, but actually, after a bit of research, you realise a competitor has adopted a similar personality. Looking at your other competitors and checking out the way they interact with their audience can spark your own unique ideas, so it’s an exercise worth doing!

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