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Andy Donaldson

How to build your content strategy from scratch

New to the content marketing game? Or perhaps the digital marketing world in general? Don’t panic, we’ve gathered some of our best tips for newbies to the content marketing scene. Your law firm won’t know what’s hit it, you’ll be equipped with a fully-comprehensive content marketing strategy before you know it, and the leads will be lining up at your digital door!

We all know how difficult building a strategy from scratch can be, but it’s even more difficult if you don’t understand the basics of building one in the first place. The legal sector is a volatile place; with new competitors popping up left, right and centre. So, how can you build your content strategy from scratch? Here, we show you the basics!

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Carry out initial work on your website

Even if you create the most engaging marketing campaigns, it could all fall apart if your website isn’t up to scratch. Nailing user experience should be an optimum priority for your law firm. If your legal services aren’t immediately obvious, or, likewise your website just isn’t engaging for your audience, they’ll bounce straight off whichever landing page they’re on. To minimise your bounce rate and increase time on-site, you need to firstly optimise your users’ journey through your site. Get into their mind set, this is a great place to start your strategy journey.

Carry out some preliminary research

Knowing what your customers want is the ultimate competitive weapon. So, how can your firm go about getting it? Think about carrying out some preliminary research. Perhaps using current customers if you can’t gather together a focus group. Your focus groups must contain your target audience, or as close to your buyer personas as possible. Their feedback needs to be honest for your firm to reap the most benefits out of this process. If you haven’t got the time to create a focus group, think about sending out a survey and encourage its promotion across the websites your target markets most often visit. You can think about including an incentive to ensure you get a large number of responses. If you’re thinking about setting up a survey check out Survey Monkey!

Build a comprehensive content calendar

You need to increase your firm’s brand awareness as part of your content marketing strategy. So, when you’re building a strategy from scratch, it’s important to lay out a comprehensive calendar for all your forthcoming content marketing activities. Not only is it important to execute your plans correctly, but you’ll also need to track and measure your campaigns continuously, to help inform your current and future strategies. This calendar should be accessible to all employees in your firm, everyone needs to understand what is happening and when the activities are happening.

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