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Helen Jackson

How to build your firm's social media strategy from scratch

Building any strategy from scratch can be time consuming and, at times, frustrating. Even though building a strategy is the planning phase, before the implementation and measurement phases; it’s best you have at least an idea of what you’re going to discuss in your initial social strategy meeting. Going into a strategy planning meeting with no direction, will be a waste of everyone’s time!

So here’s how to build your firm’s social media strategy from scratch.

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how to build your social media strategy from scratch

Firstly, outline your goals and objectives

What do you ultimately want to achieve with this social media strategy? Do you want to solely focus on increasing brand awareness? Or, are you looking at social media as an additional inbound marketing channel, to collect relevant leads for your firm? The quicker you pin down exactly what you want out of this strategy, the easier you’ll find strategy planning!

Look at the competition

If you’re focusing on Twitter, for example, what are your biggest competitors doing with their Twitter accounts? You might have noticed that have a high number of followers, but look straight past that for a second, how many interactions do their posts receive? Are they being retweeted a lot? Or, perhaps they’ve provoked conversation amongst their followers? Being aware of what the competition are doing - particularly if they’re successful - can help your firm build a comprehensive and more importantly, successful, social media strategy.

Map out the content you’re going to share

You need to ensure you’re sharing content your target audience will engage with. If you don’t understand your audiences’ behaviour, build your firm’s buyer personas with our templates (download them here!) If you know that your personas use Facebook, for example, and they enjoy participating in quizzes, think about creating a quiz relevant to your business – just make sure it’s enjoyable; no one likes a boring quiz!

Create a social media content calendar

Creating a social media content calendar, will help your firm’s marketing department craft a clear picture of social media activity over a longer time frame. Start by populating the calendar either in two-week stints, or once monthly. You need to know that your channels are constantly sharing new content. Inactive channels will put users off following your firm, what’s the point if you’re not sharing anything new??

And, lastly, put a measurement plan in place

Creating and implementing a new strategy is all well and good, but you’ll never understand truly how successful (or unsuccessful), your channels are if you’re not measuring them on a consistent basis. Making a note of which posts are the most successful, which didn’t work so well, and a plan of action going forward, can help ensure your social strategy is kept on track. Making adjustments to your strategy as it’s rolled out can sometimes.

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