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How to Build your Legal Firm’s Outreach Marketing Strategy

Let’s begin by taking a step back and answer the question, what exactly is outreach marketing? The aim of outreach marketing is to clear away the marketing confusion and put the focus back on person to person interaction. Meaning that it’s all about building strong relationships with advocates and your claimants through strategies that help them learn and find exactly what they went looking for through third party websites or bloggers they already interact with on a regular basis.

How to Build your Legal Firm’s Outreach Marketing Strategy

First of all as with most things start building you outreach strategy by deciding on your goals. Are they to simply build links back to your content from trusted sources or is it to generate interest and gain engagement in your content, both of which go hand in hand and will drive the other, but it’s important to start with one clear aim for your outreach strategies.


Focus on building mutually beneficial content relationships

The next step in building your outreach strategy is to focus on building relationships with partners, journalists and bloggers, for this you’ll probably want to build personas to target as you would for your targeted claimants. Make sure you understand what each of these different third party advocates will be looking for, from the ability to utilise expert sources within your firm to actual experiences with your legal services. It’s important to build these strong relationships as claimants are often more likely to listen to third party opinions of your firm rather than directly from you. So when building these relationships remember to keep in constant contact with your advocates as you wouldn’t ignore your friends until you needed their help and this is the same for influencers.

Taking that relationship further within your outreach strategy, is that once you have identified those strong advocates for your legal practice make them feel valued and an extension of your team, by inviting them to write a guest blog and give your claimants their opinion, or to be a guest on your podcast. This not only strengthens your relationship and makes them feel appreciated but it also means you’ll get further outreach from them as they share the content they are involved in.


Unify your content team

Another relationship which you need to nurture as part of your outreach marketing strategy is the relationship between you and your content team. This will help when building your outreach strategy for a number of reasons, from allowing you to make sure your goals for both content and outreach are aligned, as well as being able to bounce content ideas off each other and to research and refine possible outreach targets together. For example, outreach for an infographic could be well targeted at a strong social advocate due to their high social share-ability, whereas a news piece on the success of the firm would be better targeted towards a legal specific journalists.    

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We hope by now you’ve got an idea of how to build your outreach marketing strategy. If you want to read some great content marketing tips for the legal sector so you can make sure your content is going to perform well with all your newly learned outreach skills, then check out our eBook here: 9 Content Marketing Tips for the Legal Sector.  

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