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Helen Jackson

How to completely change the content strategy for your firm

Changing any aspect of your marketing strategy can be a stressful and a generally unappealing task to any marketer, regardless of industry. But, when it comes to a content strategy, it’s so important you make the most of all content opportunities, particularly if you want to acquire high-quality leads for your law firm. 

So, if you’re looking to change your content strategy for the better, read our tips to help you on your way to transforming your inbound marketing strategy with: How to completely change the content strategy for your firm below!


Firstly, check what’s working

If you’re currently undertaking aspects of content marketing, then you need to understand how it’s working for your firm. Whether you have a company blog, or you distribute press releases or write for industry publications, how much traffic do these pieces generate? What is the traffic to conversion percentage? These are figures you’ll need to have to hand in order to build a comprehensive understanding of your positive, or negative content marketing efforts.

Create buyer personas for your firm

Why bother creating personas? If you’re marketing your content to everyone, you aren’t going to receive specific results. Don’t waste your time, effort and money, marketing to just anyone. You need to ensure the audience you’re targeting a. what your services and b. are looking for your services at that particular time. A buyer persona can help all aspects of your marketing strategies point in the same direction and aim to achieve the same goal, that all-important lead.

Identify the best content outreach opportunities

Identifying a great content outreach opportunity can make all the difference to your campaign results. You’re not just looking for a link back to your firm’s website, but you’re looking to give your brand awareness an almighty boost amongst where your target market hang out. It’s definitely quality over quantity for brand awareness. You need to shout loud to your audience, how else will they know about your expertise?

Want more tips? Download our eBook: 9 content marketing tips for the legal sector!

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