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How to Convert Traffic Into Leads

If your website attracts a lot of traffic that’s great, but it won’t actually result in accepted cases unless you’re able to convert those online visitors into leads, sales, buyers, or another KPI you may have. We have put together some tips to help you maximise the number of genuine enquiries you receive from your website traffic.

5 tips to convert your law firm's web visitors

1. Make sure you’re attracting the right sort of web visitors

Using website analytics, you can break down your website audience into rough demographics, such as gender, age and affinities. If you already have marketing personas, you will know if the people visiting your website are an approximate match to your ‘ideal’ target market. If you’ve not yet developed personas to reflect your potential clients, why not use our persona templates to help focus your marketing efforts on the right visitors?

2. Map out user journeys for your personas

Once you have your personas ready, you need to put yourself in their shoes to find out how best to direct them once they land on your website. The chances are that a potential client will visit your site more than once before making an enquiry, as they are not yet at the decision stage of their own journey. Think about what information people might be searching for when they first think of making an enquiry; what will they want to know before they decide which business to contact?

3. Produce content which answers needs at every journey step

Once you have an idea about the different needs of your personas at different stages of their user journey, you can brainstorm content and information which will meet these needs and answer their important questions.  What type of queries would they type into a search engine at the very start of their search? What would they want to know next once they had decided that they might have a valid claim or case? How would they decide which business to contact?

4. Include clear calls to action on every page of your site

Make sure your calls-to-action (CTA) are suited to the stage of the journey your visitor is likely to be at when on that page e.g. if they are at the very start of their search for information, they will be much more likely to click on a CTA which sends them to another relevant page which will answer a question they are likely to have, rather than go straight to the enquiry stage.

5. Test different content & CTAs

It can be very useful to test different variables (one at a time) on a page to see if small changes to content, colours, CTAs or forms can increase website conversions. Using Google Experiments or specialist conversion rate optimisation (CRO) tools to run tests can provide really useful data to help you maximise conversions.

The ultimate guide to self-generating case enquiries

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