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Helen Jackson

How to Create Exceptional User Experience

Apart from utilising your mind-reading skill set, how else can you create exceptional user experience for your fashion website visitors? It’s a question we get asked quite frequently at Hit Search. That’s why we thought this post would be a great opportunity to provide you with a handful of user experience tips. We’re hoping they’ll lend your website a hand, converting those visitors into loyal customers in no time!

Make the user journey simple

It’s easier said than done, we appreciate that. When you’re looking to make the user journey simple, don’t just go cutting out web pages and deleting text and images from a variety of pages. By simple, we don’t always mean remove, but sometimes add. You need to pre-empt, not just their physical journey through your website but their thought path, too. For example, when they’re searching for, perhaps a specific colour or branded item of clothing, provide the necessary filters. Implementing a comprehensive filtering system, can help the user easily hone in on the item they’re looking for. Making the purchasing process that bit easier and the end purchasing result more probable.


Don’t cause too many distractions

So, we’ve touched upon making the user journey a more simplistic one. But you should also consider de-cluttering your pages. Last year, Shopify reported that mobile is responsible for an overwhelming 50.3% of all e-commerce traffic. So, with shoppers immersed in today’s busy digital age, including more whitespace around your fashion website, can help users navigate around your products much easier. With nothing to distract them from the purchase, your conversion rates can increase.

If you still want to encourage your visitors to share your products, consider placing your social share icons either after the purchase page or below the fold of the product pages. Keeping distractions to a minimum could help your visitor stay on course to becoming a satisfied customer, but at the same time you want to encourage social interaction with your brand.


Consider a changeable promotional bar

When your visitors land on your homepage, can they see your best offers? You may already have a ‘sales’ tab, but have you considered a changeable promotions bar? Fashion brands including Missguided have implemented a site-wide promotional bar just below their main navigation. Highlighting your fashion brand’s offers for example, free delivery or a 2 for 1 bargain, and keeping it constantly present using a site-wide feature, ensures your incentives are following your visitors around. Gentling nudging your visitors with these promotions can boost both your users’ experience and your conversion rates, win-win!

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