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Matthew Crehan

How to Create Great Content for your Legal Firm

To create great content for your legal firm you need to start with the strong foundation of detailed claimant personas, content goals and how each piece of content fits across your inbound marketing funnel. Once these three things are in place you’re ready to start creating fantastic content for your practice, but what exactly makes content great?

Creating great content for your legal firm

Engage and Provoke

A great piece needs to grab hold of your audience from the first line and make them hang on every word to the very end. There are a number of ways you can do this:

  • Questions – Leave your audience with thought provoking questions that make them reflect on how they can utilise the knowledge you’ve provided them.
  • Stories – People love stories, so use anecdotes in your content to help explain and clarify points as well as connecting emotionally with your reader.
  • Response – Not so much a way of keeping your reader hung on your every word, but allowing them to provide a response to your content via a comments box or on social channels helps them feel engaged and involved in that pieces of content.

Bonus! – By allowing responses and building a discussion around your content you can draw the interest of not only other readers but also search engines as they see the content as interesting and important to users.


Answer the Question

This might be pretty straight forward but more often than not the reason someone goes looking on search engines is to find an answer. So by making sure your content answers the question that your prospects have, search engines will be likely to rank you higher. Also using the question in your title is important, if you look at any non-fiction book or article their title will often leave you with a question or a sense of curiosity. It is then the job of the author and the remaining content to provide an answer.


Be Visual

Great content doesn’t just have to be a blog post or an eBook it can be visual as well, from utilising imagery within those forms of content to break up text and reinforce or clarify the main points, to utilising video and infographics. In 2015 videos counted for over 50% of all mobile device traffic and with the role out of 4G and 5G on its way this is surely only going to increase, making it a great form of content to invest in. Infographics are also a highly valuable form of visual content allowing you to share large amounts of data in a visually appealing format - often having a high share rate on social media. Check out this infographic we produced for one of our legal clients!


Don’t Forget the Action

Finally, but probably most importantly, great content needs to be actionable in one of two ways. First of all you need to make your content actionable for the reader providing them with advice on how they can implement the knowledge your content provides. More often than not just producing a piece of high quality content is enough to help spark an action in your reader’s mind. Secondly you need to make your content actionable to help move prospective claimants along your marketing funnel; here you need to provide a clear call to action whether that is to download a next stage piece of content or sign up to a webinar. 

 Webinar, Law Firms: Make your mark with on-site content


So there are four ways to create great content for your legal firm, but why not check out our eBook: 9 Content Marketing Tips For the Legal Sector and get some more tips on how you can produce great content.




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