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Helen Jackson

How to deliver an effective omni-channel customer service

Customers buy a lot differently to how they did a few years ago, it’s important your ecommerce business adapts to the customers’ buying habits and behaviours. We’re assuming you’ve adapted your clothing lines and websites to accommodate for trends and buying habits over the years, but what about the delivery of customer service? How can you make sure you deliver an effective omni-channel customer service?

deliver effective omni-channel customer service for your business

Create a brand guideline book

It doesn’t have to be 80 pages long to get the point across. Just outline the basics; from tone of voice to complaint procedure. Circulating this kind of information to all customer service staff, will help you reinforce brand continuity cross-channel. Your customers will know what to expect regardless of customer service channel, as it is all uniform in delivery and outcome!

Train your staff

Any member of staff who comes into contact with your customers (whether it’s through phone, email, social media, or in person), needs to be trained. Efficient and effective customer service delivery is what your brand needs to be striving toward. Getting all members of staff involved, can help your brand embrace and implement fresh ideas directly from the front line staff. These are people who your customers are interacting with on a daily basis; their feedback is very valuable!

Actively engage with negative comments

This seems basic, right? But it doesn’t take much to miss a negative comment, or two. Stay on top of all your customer service channels, particularly social media and live chat. It’s crucial your brand stays on top of all customer service communication at all times. If you can show your community that you can effectively and efficiently deal with negative comments and complaints about your business, this will reflect favourably on your brand.

Make your customer service teams easily accessible

With so many different devices and channels available for customers to shop and browse through, it’s important your brand can offer adequate customer service solutions to each buying channel. If your customers can’t figure out how to return an order made over the phone, for example, and they just keep getting passed from pillar to post, this hassle could result in lost custom!

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