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Helen Jackson

How to deliver social customer service the right way

Social media is an accessible platform for millions around the world and with companies opening themselves up to criticism across numerous social platforms, it’s imperative staff members are able to deliver the superior customer service received in-store or online, throughout social media also. According to Zendesk a massive 46% of customers contact companies via social media to vent frustration over a bad customer service experience. So it’s now more important than ever to conquer social customer service.

How to deliver social customer service the right way

Respond rapidly

You need to respond as quickly as possible to all customer enquiries over social media. Wishpond states that the lifespan of a tweet is 18 minutes, with the majority of retweets happening in the first 7 minutes. The lifespan is longer the more it is retweeted, so even if a complaint about your company or a product enquiry isn’t retweeted, it’ll still be in the direct eye line of the open social media community for 18 minutes. Next’s official Twitter help account @NextHelp are pretty quick at responding most of the time, they could do with keeping their responses consistent. Some replies are a day after the complaint, even though the account states they're offering help 24/7! Oops.

Make your response personal

The personality of your brand should seep through all customer communication, particularly when interacting with your customers on social media. Ted Baker, although they don’t have a dedicated social help account, respond with a personal message to each complaint or enquiry. Considering it’s just part of their company Twitter account, their team do pretty well to stay on top of complaints, enquiries and still manage to promote their products with engaging content. Making your responses personal and sincere gives the user the impression their enquiry is being dealt with in the correct manner. Top marks @ted_baker.


As the founder of Selfridges, Harry Gordon Selfridge, once said "the customer is always righ". Even if that’s not the case, your brand is vulnerable on social media, you need to make a conscious effort to be the bigger person, even if the customer is completely unreasonable. How you handle every situation is being judged by the social community. The faster a complaint escalates, the more unfavourable the light shining on your brand is. Phase Eight apologise profusely to any customer contacting their @Phase_Eight Twitter account with a complaint, the immediate apology softens the complaint to anyone reading the conversations.

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