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Helen Jackson

How to encourage customers to engage cross-channel with your brand

You’re looking to become an omni-channel brand, or perhaps you’re already an omni-channel brand looking for extra tips? Whether you’re new to the omni-channel game or a dab hand, there’s always room for improvement.

Now you’re operating across multiple channels, delivering a seamless customer experience regardless of device, how can you now encourage your customers to interact cross-channel? We tell you how.

How hobbs encourage customers to engage cross-channel with your brand

Offer in-store Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is everywhere. It’s even available on some bus journeys. So why not follow the likes of H&M and implement Wi-Fi into your fashion store? Not only could it increase your customers’ time in-store but you could introduce innovative mobile campaigns with QR codes highlighting hidden offers around your store. Encouraging customers to upload their outfits to the brand’s social media pages, could be another fantastic way to close the gap between in-store and online channels. The possibilities are endless!

Create a barcode scanning app

Making your site mobile-friendly is one thing, but creating a shopping app to be used for both in-store and online shopping experiences, is taking it to a whole new level. Topshop have created such an app with a built-in barcode scanner. Not only can the customer order online if the size isn’t available in-store but, they can also scan the item to see stock levels in other nearby stores. Now, that’s what you’d call innovative channel integration!

Click and collect

Many brands offer this handy ordering option, perhaps most well-known for offering this service is the high street supermarkets. Fashion brands are quickly adopting click and collect including, Matalan and John Lewis. With some fashion brands such as Hobbs, offering this delivery method for free! It’s definitely a time-efficient extra for the customer, encouraging customers to utilise the convenience of the e-commerce store yet still keeping that physical relationship active.

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