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Helen Jackson

How to engage your firm's audience through social media

With social feeds filling up fast, your content barely has a chance to pop up just once - never mind trying to engage your social audience! We’ve got three tips to help your firm start to truly engage its social media audience.

How to engage your firm's audience through social media

Don’t be robotic

If you’re taking advantage of social scheduling platforms such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social, it’s important you don’t leave the human element behind. Your followers are following you for a reason and that reason probably isn’t your automated approach to social media. Social scheduling is a great way to free up some day-to-day resource in your firm’s marketing team, but, it’s also important you continue to log into your accounts to check for comments etc. so you can personally respond to them. As soon as your followers understand there’s a human element to your social media accounts they’re more likely to engage with you going forward.

Who would continue to contact a business through Twitter, for example, if they never received a reply?

Don’t just share your own content

Although social media can be a great platform for sharing your own content through, you need to balance your social posts with other content. Sharing content you think your audience will find interesting can help you grow and engage your social community. You want users to follower your firm’s account for your interesting content – it doesn’t always matter if it’s not your content, social media is built on a sharing culture, so share away!

Use relevant hashtags

Doing a bit of hashtag research can help your firm ensure it’s using hashtags picked up by its audience. Using hashtagify.me, a free hashtag finder and analyser, can help your firm pinpoint trending hashtags, perhaps not all relevant to your firm, but some could tie into the content you’re producing. This tool is perfect for searching for hashtags you’ve thought about using to see how many people are currently using this hashtag in their posts. For example, #legaladvice has been used prominently across Twitter, a snapshot of the hashtag use is below.

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