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Helen Jackson

How to Fix a Poorly Converting Fashion Website 

Over the latest series of blog posts, we’ve gone into detail about the deadliest sins of poorly converting fashion websites but, now you’ve identified your conversion rate issues, how can you go about actually fixing them? Take a look at these four strategic tips and you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time. 

Fix tip #1: Make small changes

Making small changes is the perfect way to start rectifying your poor conversion rates. For example, a simple colour change can do wonders. According to HubSpot, the results of an A/B test with button colours, red outperformed green. The UK airline BMI, managed to increase their conversion rate by 2% just because they added a red background to their button, inducing urgency to their ‘hurry’ message regarding the number of seats left on a flight; a great example of how making a small change can have a big impact.

Fix tip #2: Analyse your past amends

This seems like an obvious point but, many fashion brands do not consider looking at their past site changes to determine if future amends to the site will be a success or a failure. User experience trends and your customers’ personal tastes can change rapidly, so, you shouldn’t just depend on the past to inform your future strategy, but it can help you define a more realistic expectation of your users’ needs and desires.

Fix tip #3: Adopt a reactive nature to user experience

In the fashion industry, it’s important you stay ahead of the game, not just with trends, but equally so with user experience. When it comes down to it, if your user experience isn’t up-to-date and high quality, the chances of your visitors sticking around and purchasing from your site are slim, to say the least. User experience really can be the key to higher conversion rates and increased revenue for your fashion brand.

Fix tip #4: Know your target personas

Even if you have a large volume of traffic to your fashion website, this still doesn’t guarantee you an increase in conversion rates. If you don’t have a clear picture of exactly who you are targeting, then your user experience changes aren’t going to catch the eyes of your target customers. So you’ve changed your buttons to the colour red, that’s great, but if the people you’ve brought to your site aren’t interested in your offers, then they’re not going to convert regardless of colour.

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