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Helen Jackson

How to increase your firm's blog traffic

Are you churning posts out on your firm’s blog, day after day, but you don’t seem to be getting anywhere? We’ve shared our 4 tips to increase your blog traffic below! We hope this helps guide you in the right direction.

Here's how to increase your firm's blog traffic

Understand your niche

Even if you’re writing 20 blog posts a week, they’re never going to gain much traction if they’re surrounding completely irrelevant topics. Understanding your firm’s niche is the first step towards strengthening your content marketing strategy as a whole. To better understand your niche you need to understand what it is your audience crave. Creating blog posts surrounding their challenges, and offering them a solution to this challenge, can help you forge a connection with your audience. Ultimately writing about topics specific to your niche will ensure you capture the audiences’ eye.

Add social sharing buttons when possible

You want to encourage the users who come to your blog to share the content they find. Including social share buttons can help encourage them to share to friends or to their social media channels. You can also further encourage social shares by creating content that lends itself to be shared; content such as infographics, list-led articles (or listicles), how to guides etc. You need to offer the user something of value.

Test your blog titles

Taking note of which blog titles perform best and which are a little flat, can help you begin to shape your blog post titles going forward. Don’t just stop at testing titles, however, you can test times of day you publish content, and the times you also share your content to your social channels – there are many elements of your blogging strategy you can test to determine which approach works best for your firm.

Don’t just post content to your blog

You can’t just post content to your blog and expect hundreds of visitors to stumble upon it. It’s important you push your content through all the digital marketing channels available to your firm. Channels including social media and email marketing. Did you know, according to Econsultancy, 68% of companies ranked email marketing as the best channel in terms of ROI? That’s because your mailing list is full of people who are already familiar with your firm, so why not utilise this channel to push your blog content out to? They could share it on their social profile encouraging others to check the post out too! Word of mouth is a powerful referrer!

If you’re struggling to attract more visitors to your site as a whole, our guide sounds right up your street! Download the guide now.

How to attract more visitors to your firm's site!

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