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Social media usage counts for over 28% of time spent on the internet so with that in mind it’s key that your legal firm is using it. But just how do you increase your reach? Follow these five steps below and you’re sure to see your firm’s social influence grow.


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Prioritise which social channels to use

There are numerous social channels available to use but it’s important you don’t spread yourself too thin. Focus on the platforms that are going to have the most impact for your firm. To do this look at your claimant persona and investigate what platforms your target audience are using, therefore making sure that you are in the right place to engage with them.


Promote your social presence

Once you’re on your chosen platforms and you’ve optimised your social profiles you need to start promoting your presence. Make sure to include social follow buttons at the top and bottom of your website, allow followers on each channel to see exactly where else they can interact with your firm and make sure that every piece of content you produce has social sharing icons attached.


Share useful and valuable content

To grow your social presence you need to be sharing useful and valuable content. Start by following the 80/20 rule. This means that 80% of the content you share should be relevant, valuable and engaging copy which will help followers to solve the challenges they are facing. While the other 20% of posts should be about your legal services and your firm.


Interact with followers

One of the main purposes of social media is to build a community where people and businesses can interact and engage with each other. So make sure to ask and answer questions from your followers and interact with anyone that mentions your firm, even if it is simply to thank them. This gives you the opportunity to open up a stream of dialogue with that individual.


Find, follow, and build relationships with others in your industry

Again keeping with the idea of building a community through social media, you should research and find industry leaders, including the partners at your firm. Getting them to engage with your audience and build strong relationships will increase your legal firm’s reach as people are much more likely to listen to other people over a business’ social account.

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There you go five simple and quick ways you can increase your legal firm’s social reach. Want to learn more about how to optimise your firm’s social media presence check out this blog on how to make great content for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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