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Helen Jackson

How to integrate mobile into your fashion brand's current strategy

When you’re trying to adopt a mobile-first attitude to your marketing strategy it can be difficult to figure out exactly how it will all fit into your current digital marketing strategy. You’re aiming to make your mobile user’s experience as smooth and as seamless as possible, so here we discuss three pointers you can take away to seamlessly integrate mobile into your current strategy.

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how to integrate mobile into your current strategy

Don’t rush to make everything mobile-first

With smartphones having now overtaken laptops as the most popular device for getting online, according to Ofcom, it will become crucial for your brand to adopt a mobile-first approach to all of its marketing efforts. Although it is important to adopt this new strategy, it’s also important to ensure you tackle each channel correctly. Rolling out your strategy quickly, is how you’ll make mistakes, mistakes that could easily have been avoid had you planned, implemented and tested your strategic approach in the first place.

Concentrate on the channels that will create the biggest impact when they become mobile-facing, your ecommerce site, for example. Getting your site up to scratch for the mobile user, should be high on your priority list.

Look at your competitors’ sites

You should always have one eye on the competition anyway, but when it comes to benchmarking your new mobile-responsive site against others, you need to know what you’re up against. Checking out the competition from a mobile device is the quickest way to note changes they’ve made that you could take inspiration from. Going through the process can also help highlight problems with their site you won’t want to repeat on yours. Keeping on top of the competition is important to even begin to achieve a competitive advantage!

Don’t forget about local search

A study conducted by Google, found that 50% of smartphone consumers visited a store within a day of their local search. This statistic further highlights the impact having a cohesive local search strategy for mobile devices can have on your physical stores. It’s therefore important to approach any changes to your wider strategy with a cross-channel and cross-device approach. Even though your strategy will be adapted for the mobile customer, it’s important you don’t forget about the impact these changes can have across your other channels!

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