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Helen Jackson

How to keep on top of the ever-changing ecommerce marketing trends

It’s important, regardless of your industry, that you are at least aware of the major trends with the potential to have an impact on your fashion brand. Connecting with the mobile customer has become an increasingly difficult challenge to combat. With the mobile shopping market only continuing to expand, to now include wearable technology, mobile phones, tablets and more, how can your fashion brand keep on top of the ever-changing shopping trends? How will you ensure you’re connecting with your customers in the most relevant way?

Here we give you 3 tips to help you keep on top of the ever-changing ecommerce marketing trends.

Keep on top of the latest ecommerce marketing trends!

Set up Google Alerts

Setting up alerts surrounding key trigger words such as a competitor’s brand name and/or industry news keywords. Setting up an alert is straightforward and can save you time trawling the internet for any latest updates or news bulletins. You ca specify whether you want to receive the latest news around your selected keywords daily, weekly or as the news breaks. You might start getting a lot of emails through Google Alerts if your keyword is particularly popular, so it could be worth creating a rule into a separate folder in your inbox, so you can flick through them at your leisure! Set your Google Alerts up here.

Get social

If you monitor your social channels daily for keywords you’re more likely to pick up on trends as they come to light. Following ecommerce and fashion industry news social channels such as Business of Fashion (BOF) and Econsultancy will ensure you’re getting the most up to date news for your industry. It’s important you don’t just monitor social channels, though, start interacting with industry experts and getting your name out there. The more you engage and share your own opinions, the more others are likely to share their ideas and thoughts on the industry too.

Monitor generic marketing sites

Monitoring generic marketing news sites such as The Drum, can also help you keep your fashion brand innovative, sparking creative marketing ideas which you can then mould to fit your fashion business. Generic marketing sites usually have a wide variety of downloadable resources, these can help you gain a little more knowledge in particular areas of marketing inevitably strengthening your marketing tactics. At Hit Search, we also have a great selection of downloadable eBook, webinar recordings and infographics, helping you deliver measureable and tangible results. Check out our downloadable fashion materials here.

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